RHEL Server Physical or Virtual Node, 2 Skt Std Subs 1Yr

Manufacturer Lenovo
Manufacturer# 00YH601
Next possible delivery date: Jun 11, 2019
Every day, millions of dollars in trades, purchases, and analysis are generated on systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With support for every major hardware platform and thousands of commercial and custom applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become the global standard for enterprise datacenters. In this time of massive and disruptive technological change, Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides businesses with the stability and flexibility they need to not only survive, but to thrive, as they transition to the next generation of IT computing. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a versatile platform that can be deployed on physical systems, as a guest on the major hypervisors, or in the cloud. Hardware partners, ISVs, and customers depend on the stability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux core system infrastructure, provided by published interfaces (kABI, core libraries, and service infrastructure) that Red Hat assures through and across releases. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server also includes a complete LAMP stack, file and print services, and authentication services.

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