Universal USB 3.0 to VGA/HDMI Adapter - Externer Videoadapter - SuperSpeed USB 3.0HDMI, VGA, für ThinkCentre Chromebox; ThinkPad E440; E45X; E540; ThinkPad Edge E55X; ThinkPad T450; T550

Manufacturer Lenovo
Manufacturer# 4X90H20061
Delivery time: 1-2 days
The Lenovo Universal USB 3.0 to VGA/HDMI Adapter turns an available USB 3.0 port into a display port offering either VGA or HDMI output with support for high-definition 1080p and with audio. The adapter delivers a convenient external video solution that makes it easy to add multi-monitor capability to a USB-enabled desktop or laptop computer. Leveraging the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, the USB video adapter functions as a convenient external graphics card - no additional graphics card required. The adapter delivers smooth, high-definition content to multiple displays. With two video output ports, the dual-head design of the adapter offers a compact multi-monitor solution across both VGA and HDMI technology. The adapter is installed externally through USB, which enables you to add graphics capability to your system without adding a new graphics card.

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